RTL8187 drivers for FreeBSD (usb wlan device)

Kevin k at kevinkevin.com
Thu Aug 14 15:00:18 UTC 2008

I'm curious about getting my RTL8187 WLAN Usb device to work under
freebsd. Has anyone got a rtl8187 based wlan stick working with freebsd?

As far I know ndisgen won't work because it does not support usb devices.
When I install the windows drivers via ndisgen , there are kernel error
messages reported. FreeBSD detects the device when I initially plug it in,
but nothing more becomes of that.

There are debian / linux drivers available for this device, however I know
nothing about porting linux drivers to FreeBSD, nor do I really want to
wipe my laptop and put debian on it ;)

Any advice regarding these drivers being already available or ported
somewhere, or perhaps any advice for someone to help facilitate the driver
being ported would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks ,

Kevin K.

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