CPUTYPE weirdness

Johan Hendriks Johan at double-l.nl
Thu Aug 14 14:30:22 UTC 2008

>Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
>> On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 02:35:46PM +0200, Pascal Hofstee wrote:
>>> I just installed a fresh FreeBSD/amd64 7.0-RELEASE and trying to update
>>> to RELENG_7_0.
>>> I added CPUTYPE ?= core2 to my /etc/src.conf and every call to make
>>> in /usr/src now gives me the error
>>> "/usr/src/Makefile.inc1", line 142: CPUTYPE global should be set
>>> with ?=.
>>> *** Error code 1
>>> Anyone has any idea what i am doing wrong here ... this same mechanism
>>> has worked flawlessly on several other systems (although they were not
>>> RELENG_7_0) ?
>> 1) Remove the space after the word "CPUTYPE", e.g.:
>> 	CPUTYPE?=core2
>> You can put a tab after the "=" if you want, e.g.:
>> 	CPUTYPE?=	core2
>> 2) According to some very old mail I have (will dig it up if you want),
>> Core2Duo users should be using CPUTYPE?=nocona.
>This should be fixed long time ago. core2 is alias for nocona but the 
>idea is users to
>be ready when additional optimization for core2 are added.

If you install amd64 then you need nocona if you install i386 you will need presscot.
Or use core2 and FreeBSD itself looks at the arch and use nocona or presscot.

That’s what I understand from what I read on the net


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