Removing /usr/lib32 on AMD64

Jeremy Chadwick koitsu at
Thu Aug 14 09:56:02 UTC 2008

On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 11:09:23AM +0200, Morgan Wesström wrote:
> Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
>> I don't remember if 7.0-RELEASE sysinstall lists it, but I know
>> 7.0-STABLE does.
> Oh, that explains it. I installed RELEASE and am still on RELEASE tbh.  
> Sorry for being on the wrong list... :-/

You're on the right list.  You just need to know the difference between
RELEASE and STABLE.  RELEASE is more or less the "first time FreeBSD
version x.y has been released to the world", and STABLE are all further
updates to that version going forward.

>>> I don't rememeber any obvious question at least and  /etc/src.conf 
>>> did not exist efter install.
>> What relevancy does this have to sysinstall?  Nothing during sysinstall
>> touches src.conf.  Every FreeBSD system will be missing /etc/src.conf
>> after an install; the same goes for /etc/make.conf.  It's normal.
> WITHOUT_LIB32 is supposed to be in src.conf. If it's missing on STABLE,  
> wouldn't that mean 32-bit compatibility would be added to STABLE at next  
> world rebuild

Correct.  If a person unselects lib32 during sysinstall, they will need
to remember to also add WITHOUT_LIB32=true to /etc/src.conf, otherwise
lib32 stuff will get installed during the next world build and install.

sysinstall manipulating src.conf would be a Really Nice Feature(tm), and
would probably save some folks from the exact situation you're

> ... or is there another mechanism preventing this from happen?

Nope, src.conf is the right place.

>>> There's also a /libexec/ left, with the same old date as 
>>>  the libs, and a symlink from /usr/libexec/ pointing to 
>>> it.  Should I leave them or remove them? They were not mentioned in 
>>> the diff  in the bugreport.
>> You should safely be able to remove those as well, assuming you have
>> rebuilt/reinstalled world, and rebuilt all of your ports.  Otherwise
>> upon removal, programs utilising, won't have a valid
>> loader, and will fail immediately.
> World is rebuilt but I haven't rebuilt my ports but they shouldn't have  
> been built against the 32-bit libraries in the first place, should they?  

That depends on if the port chooses to utilise such.  ldd(1) will answer
that question.  It can be a tedious process to go through all the
binaries on one's system to see which are linked with what, however.

> 64-bit libraries are the default choice I assume or am I missing  
> something vital here? I'll remove them and see what happens when I  
> reboot. It will be an exciting start of the day ;-)

Chances are nothing uses them, but then again I have no idea what ports
or packages you've installed -- there are some which do not work on
amd64 and are explicitly for i386.

> Thanks again for your help, It's highly appreciated.

No problem!

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