Removing /usr/lib32 on AMD64

Jeremy Chadwick koitsu at
Thu Aug 14 08:51:25 UTC 2008

On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 10:34:26AM +0200, Morgan Wesström wrote:
> Thanks for your answer Jeremy :-)
>> What you've documented above is the Correct Way(tm) to remove lib32
>> support.  Though I advocate people not install it in the first place,
>> unless they absolutely need it.
> I'm not sure I was ever given the option to deselect it during  
> sysinstall.

I don't remember if 7.0-RELEASE sysinstall lists it, but I know
7.0-STABLE does.

> I don't rememeber any obvious question at least and  
> /etc/src.conf did not exist efter install.

What relevancy does this have to sysinstall?  Nothing during sysinstall
touches src.conf.  Every FreeBSD system will be missing /etc/src.conf
after an install; the same goes for /etc/make.conf.  It's normal.

>> The message from /etc/rc.d/ldconfig you see there about 32-bit
>> compatibility ldconfig path is fine -- it shows an empty path, which is
>> correct.  Nothing to worry about there.
> There are references in ldconfig to a couple of options I find in  
> /etc/defaults/rc.conf
> ldconfig32_paths="/usr/lib32" # 32-bit compatibility shared library
> ldconfig_local32_dirs="/usr/local/libdata/ldconfig32"
> Should I blank those? /usr/local/libdata/ldconfig32 is an empty folder here.

No, do not blank them; they will not be used, as was shown to you by
/etc/rc.d/ldconfig's output not utilising any 32-bit paths.  There's no
point in blanking something that won't get used, it'll just confuse
someone who looks at the system or lead them astray.

> There's also a /libexec/ left, with the same old date as  
> the libs, and a symlink from /usr/libexec/ pointing to it.  
> Should I leave them or remove them? They were not mentioned in the diff  
> in the bugreport.

You should safely be able to remove those as well, assuming you have
rebuilt/reinstalled world, and rebuilt all of your ports.  Otherwise
upon removal, programs utilising, won't have a valid loader, and will fail immediately.

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