HEADS UP: inpcb/inpcbinfo rwlocking: coming to a 7-STABLE branch near you

Mike Tancsa mike at sentex.net
Thu Aug 14 02:10:23 UTC 2008

At 06:22 PM 8/13/2008, Robert Watson wrote:

>I'm concerned by the presence of multiple ARP entries for a single 
>IP -- I'll need to reread the ARP code to refresh my memory, but in 
>general I would expect to see at most one in-progress or complete 
>ARP entry for any particular IP address at a time.  To me, this 
>suggests a bug -- perhaps a race condition or just a general logic 
>bug.  If rolling back fixes it, that is definitely interesting, but 
>we can also debug this in the normal ways and see where it leads us.

I blew away /usr/src and /usr/obj and did a full buildworld, 
buildkernel with date=2008. in my cvsup file

2008-07-01, all OK
2008-07-13, all OK
2008-07-25, all OK
2008-08-01, 'blammo'

So sometime between the 25th and aug1.  Just going to try and narrow 
it down some more.


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