Problem with /boot/loader [A new patch]

Eugene Grosbein eugen at
Tue Aug 12 01:50:19 UTC 2008

John Baldwin wrote:

> Ok, I'm at a loss for why the new BTX doesn't work for you.  Unfortunately,
> this sort of thing isn't easy to debug.  If you have firewire (and another
> machine with firewire) then I have some debugging code I used with qemu to
> save a summary of the last request made by the loader to BTX.  That can at
> least indicate which BIOS call is hanging.  From there you can dissassemble
> your BIOS to try to determine if there are any spin loops and see what it is
> waiting on.

Thank you very much for the effort. I have firewire here but not another
machine with it, but I'll try to find one. I'll contact you again
when I'll find it.

Eugene Grosbein

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