Regression 7.0R -> 7-stable?

Gerrit Kühn gerrit at
Thu Aug 7 11:41:32 UTC 2008

Hi folks,

I have a rather new FujitsuSiemens Esprimo here with an AMD Phenom X3
processor (triple core is somehow strange :-) and a lot of NVidia stuff
onboard. I installed 7.0-R, which ran quite well except for the bge driver
and snd_hda which both complained.
After putting in an extra networking card I was able to install some more
software and all appeared to be nice. Then I cvsupped to the recent
7-stable as of today. My hope was that maybe the bge or the sound card
would improve from this. However, the new kernel I compiled does not run
at all. It boots up to CPU#1 and CPU#2 lauchned messages and then sits
there and does nothing anymore. I have verified this behaviour with amd64
snapshot images from July and August to make sure I did not compile a bad
kernel. Both show the same behaviour.
Are there any ideas what has changed from 7.0-R to recent 7.0-stable that
could cause this? What can I do to debug/fix this?


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