Swapping boot disks and getting mountroot>

Lisa Besko besko at msu.edu
Wed Aug 6 18:03:16 UTC 2008

I have a system running FBSD 6.2 release (if I remember correctly) that 
is running on a Sunfire X2100.  The disk boots fine there and I seem to 
be able to move it to other X2100's.  The problem is that I need to move 
it to a Sunfire X2200.  When I move it to the X2200 I get a mountroot> 
prompt and the keyboard freezes up.

I notice that it finds the device ad4 but then it tries to mount root 
from /dev/ad6s1a.  I've edited the fstab to have it look for ad4s1a but 
it still won't boot.  Anyone have any pointers or ideas?


Lisa B.

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