'diskinfo' problem with eSATA device (initio 1611)

Harald Schmalzbauer h.schmalzbauer at OmniLAN.de
Sat Aug 2 07:19:05 UTC 2008


for quick harddrive tests (SMART, noise, backup etc..) I bought a very 
nice "docking" station connected to my ICH9 SATA controller 
I can read/write to inserted disks, also smartctl works, but my 
favourite test doesn't run:
diskinfo -t /dev/ad10 returns:
ioctl(DIOCGMEDIASIZE) failed, probably not a disk.: Inappropriate ioctl 
for device

The eSATA bridge is a initio 1611 chip.
I have another external SATA enclosure and there is the same problem.
Any ideas what the reason is and how to "fix"?

Best regards,


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