PATCH: new acpi embedded controller I/O model

Nate Lawson nate at
Tue Feb 27 23:13:12 UTC 2007

Joel Dahl wrote:
> Mån 2007-02-26 klockan 18:20 -0800 skrev Nate Lawson:
>> If you are having EC timeout problems as in the below PR, please try the
>> latest EC code.  I just committed it in rev 1.69 of acpi_ec.c to
>> -current.
> Thanks for working on this, but my laptop (HP nx7400) shuts down right
> after boot (or sometimes during boot) after this commit.  I see this on
> the console:
> acpi_tz3: WARNING - Current temperature (3416.3) exceeds safe limits
> ...
> WARNING: System temperature too high, shutting down soon!
> Everything works fine with an older kernel.

First, try booting with these changes.  You can set a tunable
(debug.acpi.disabled="thermal") to avoid the erroneous thermal shutdown.

1. set

2. set

3. uncomment the #if 0 code in acpi_ec.c and recompile

Then, collect the data with the method I provided:

>> To find any performance problems, you'll need to rebuild the kernel
>> and modules with this added to your kernel config:
>> options KTR
>> options KTR_ENTRIES=65536
>> Then reboot, load this kernel/acpi.ko, use the system for a while to
>> trigger the problem behavior and generate output:
>> ktrdump -t | gzip -c > ktr.out.gz


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