Stable on Blade server

Marko Lerota mlerota at
Tue Feb 27 16:49:14 UTC 2007

Martin <list at> writes:

> We're 100% FreeBSD-only and i was looking to buy IBM blade servers: can
> anyone reccomend any of them? models? particular hw/firmware/misc

If you use FreeBSD don't look upon IBM blades at all. I've installed few 
freebsd 5.4 on IBM HS20 blades. If you need console, the only way to 
get there is through java web interface that sucks, brakes and crashes 
constantly. Because the keyboard is not supported you have to use it. 
Everything else also sucked. We had two blade chassis with 28 blade servers
and I have never been so frustrated like I was with them and IBM people 
that did not solve our problem. 

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