Some days, it doesn't pay to upgrade ...

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at
Tue Feb 27 13:25:00 UTC 2007

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After 155 days of problem free uptime, I upgraded my 6-STABLE system the other 
day to the latest cvsup ... 3 days later, the whole thing hung solid with:

Feb 27 04:32:49 mars uptimec: The server requested that we do a new login
Feb 27 04:33:00 mars kernel: maxproc limit exceeded by uid 0, please see 
tuning(7) and login.conf(5).
Feb 27 04:33:10 mars kernel: maxproc limit exceeded by uid 60, please see 
tuning(7) and login.conf(5).

Stupid question: why isn't there some mechanism that prevents new processes 
from starting up, instead of locking up the whole server?  I'm not asking for 
the evilness of Linux, where it arbitrarily kills off existing processes, but 
if maxproc is hit, why continue to try and start up new ones?

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