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Tue Feb 27 08:02:12 UTC 2007

On Jan 31, 2007, at 22:48, Alban Hertroys wrote:

> Good day (or night, if more appropriate),
> I'm seeing these for a while now, it's time to see if it can be  
> fixed :P
> I have a setup where a KVM/USB switch (Gefen 2x1 DVI switcher) is  
> connected to my athlon64 machine, which is connected to yet another  
> hub in my TFT display to which my keyboard and mouse are connected.

I would have expected some response to this. I'm kind of disappointed.
Well, I have a new data point.

I found a PR about the Apple Cinema Display USB device hanging the  
usb stack or some such. Thinking it might solve my problem I  
disconnected the ACD USB device and plugged my keyboard and mouse  
directly in the KVM switch and booted the machine.

Same problem, but on uhub3 this time. It gave a device write error  
instead of a TIMEOUT, but I've seen that before when the ACD was  
still connected too.
So the problem _does not seem to be related_ to the ACD problem(s).

Apparently the KVM switch contains a Cypress Tetra hub (acc. to the  
vendor/device codes in dmesg).
Could someone please shed some light on this?

> Schematically the USB devices are connected like this:
>  Athlon64 --- KVM switch --- Display --- Keyboard
>  Mac -------/                        \-- Mouse

This time it looked like:
  Athlon64 --- KVM switch --- Keyboard
  Mac -------/            \-- Mouse

> While booting I see messages like these:
> uhub3: vendor 0x04b4 product 0x6560, class 9/0, rev 2.00/0.09, addr 2
> uhub3: multiple transaction translators
> uhub3: 4 ports with 4 removable, self powered
> uhub4: vendor 0x05ac product 0x9131, class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.01, addr 3
> uhub4: multiple transaction translators
> uhub4: 3 ports with 2 removable, self powered
> uhub4: device problem (STALLED), disabling port 1
> uhub4: device problem (STALLED), disabling port 2
> uhub4: device problem (TIMEOUT), disabling port 3
> uhub3 is the KVM switch, while uhub4 is the display.
> The messages are usually STALLED, but I've seen TIMEOUT (as above)  
> and SHORT_XFER as well.
> I have tried eliminating the hub in the display from the equation,  
> the results are the same (the errors are on uhub3 in that case -  
> although I'm not 100% sure now I write this). I've tried different  
> hub cables (all but one came new with the switch), to no avail. The  
> KVM switch replaced a Sweex USB hub that had very similar problems.
> Something that I think is odd is that the vendor/product ID's of  
> the hub in the KVM switch are listed among those in the sources,  
> yet looking them up apparently fails.
> I compiled a kernel with DEBUG_USB enabled and attached the  
> resulting dmesg. I tried retrying usbd_new_device after the first  
> failure, but that just resulted in another STALLED message (as  
> suggested by an XXX remark in uhub.c).
> Anything else I can do to help solve this?
> Regards,
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