sysctl segfaulting

Volker volker at
Sat Feb 24 14:27:54 UTC 2007

On 12/23/-58 20:59, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> Does anybody have any further ideas on this?


I didn't follow that thread deeply so I'm not quite sure if you
checked all possibilities or my suggestion has already been tried.

I've had the system crashing for every `sysctl | less' or `sysctl |
grep ...' anytime in the RELENG_5 time. I've always been too lazy to
file a PR on that also I didn't take further inspection on that kind
of problem. It automagically went away some time a few months ago so
I'm now unable to reproduce this problem anymore.

Your problem with libelf reminded me to one thing: Have you done a
`make check-old' in /usr/src already? I didn't find it in the docs
but while reading the Makefile.incl and have not been aware of that
check procedure but it clearly showed I've had some elder binaries
in my system. Please forgive me if that hint has already been posted.



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