sysctl segfaulting

Oliver Fromme olli at
Fri Feb 23 17:48:04 UTC 2007

Michael Nottebrock wrote:
 > Does anybody have any further ideas on this?

I've had a quick look at the source.  According to your
debugging info, an invalid pointer is passed to the 
S_clockinfo() function, but it's beyond me how that
could happen.  The code in show_var() which calls that
function looks perfectly OK.

It's also interesting that you seem to be the only one
experiencing the problem.  Are you using any special
compiler options, anything unusual in /etc/make.conf
or /etc/malloc.conf?  Do you use a non-default locale
environment (i.e. are any of the LC_* or LANG variables

Finally, have you tried removing the entire source of
sysctl and checking out a fresh copy from RELENG_6?

Other than that, my next try would be to sprinkle the
source with a few fprintf(stderr,...) to check the
value of the pointer at various points in the source.
(Or follow it with gdb, if you're more familiar with
that tool ...  Personally I think that adding a few
fprintf's is quicker and easier, but YMMV, of course.)

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