Supported graphics card on X11.

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Wed Feb 21 17:06:00 UTC 2007

--- Yann Golanski <yann at> wrote:

> I know, this should be more a question for the folks
> at Xorg but still.
> Does FreeBSD support the "Sapphire ATI Radeon X1950
> card?  
> Is there anywhere that I can find which cards are
> support with Xorg?
> I find the main web site is rather obtuse.
> Maybe adding that link (or list) to the relevant
> section of the handbook
> be a good idea? 
> Thanks.
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Hello Yann,
Well, here are a few quick tips:
1) Locate the type of chip set for your video card.

ATI Cards

Nvida Cards

2) Look at the man page of the driver; and search in
the page for that chip set.  If I am not mistaken
there is more  than one driver for ATI.  IE: 

radeon driver

nv driver

3) Match up the driver to the chip set on the card.

4) Always double check the reference material for the
chip sets listed in step 1.

PS: gives good reviews of video
cards; with the added bonus of listing the chip sets
that is used in the card (typically).

Hopefully this should give you a starting point.

Paulette McGee

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