does update from 5.3 to 6.2 break MPD?

Oleg Gritsak go at
Wed Feb 21 03:06:39 UTC 2007

Hello, dear sirs! Have a small, but rather crucial for me question
concerning changes in netgraph. In one remote office (without any IT 
people at all) I have FreeBSD 5.3 linked to Internet with mpd (mpd-3.18_4). 
I think it's time to update it, preferably to 6.2, but I'm a bit anxious.
Especially, because I cannot do everything by handbook (as I login to server 
through Internet). In all other offices (most use ppp from base system, some
just ethernet links) I build world and kernel, then install them at once, then 
run mergemaster and only after that reboot... this scheme works fine for years,
even being interrupted by powerouts or Internet link loss, but I'm not sure for 
mpd... Does anybody know, will mpd, build in 5.3 work in 6.2? 

Well, it is possible to build+install kernel and world, then rebuild mpd and reboot,
but powerout may happen at any moment, so it is too dangerios.

Also, I could write some superwise script, which will build different versions of mpd,
install them, reboot et c, but I find this also too unreliable...

Any tips? :)

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