getting garbage faster using FreeBSD?

Alan Amesbury amesbury at
Wed Feb 21 00:15:25 UTC 2007

Ivan Voras wrote:

> The obvious question - why don't you burn the tapes and hammer the disks? :)

Ah, low-tech.  I know it well.  Still, the last time I did any data
destruction, I found a 4 Tesla magnet does wonders.  Downsides:

	1) Oxford's 90cm bore, helium-cooled magnets aren't that
	   common, perhaps because a 2000V/500A power source
	   is a bit expensive (solution doesn't scale).

	2) The hard drive has a tendency to fly out of one's
	   hands while moving it through the lines of force
	   (solution requires some physical coordination).

It's primarily for item #1 that I hadn't mentioned this earlier, as most
readers of -STABLE users are probably looking for a more scalable solution.

Alan Amesbury
University of Minnesota

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