getting garbage faster using FreeBSD?

Volker volker at
Mon Feb 19 19:40:55 UTC 2007


For my dentist I'm currently in the process of destroying some tape
cartridges (SLR7) and also two hard disks (147G SCSI).

As I started for the tapes, I've used dd to fill the tape with
random garbage. Just a simple `dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/nsa0'.

The tape sits there since 48 hours writing a block of data every
other minute and still didn't fill up the tape completely. The
system this is running on is a P-4 3GHz machine using FreeSBIE 2.0
(6.2-RELEASE based).

I suspect this to be a slow /dev/random.

Is there any chance to speed up /dev/random? Would a hifn
accelerator card help here to get FreeBSD produce garbage faster?

As there is medical data on all media I really need garbage
(/dev/zero wouldn't be enough for data security as this might get



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