The truth about SigEx Ventures and the SigEx Foundry

The Foundry sigexfoundry at
Wed Feb 14 10:20:28 UTC 2007

   First of all, I'd like to appologise for the noise and for
cross-posting. This is my first and last e-mail on this list.
   As you may have noticed from the subject of the e-mail, I'm about
to speak about the SigEx Ventures company, an organisation that
appoints itself as the liaison between strategic investors and young
tallented people in IT&C. It originates in the US but currently
operates in Europe. Specifically in Pau, France.
   On their website (, now they
speak fluent Corporatese. I must admit, I'm not a native English
speaker, but even so my ear is trained well enough for me to be able
to tell spam from ham. They present some glossy products, that nobody
ever actually saw working. They're all vaporware.
   On the same website they speak about fantastic opportunities
offered to young talented fellows in the IT&C field, in the shape of
internship at their fantastic research centre in Pau. Unfortunately,
it's all in the demo because the real deal is nothing like it. There's
no such thing as opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies or
leading researchers in the branch. It's all smoke and mirrors.
   As a former intern there, I feel that the truth should be made
available, as neither of their statements really hold true. My best
bet is that they attract investors and suck up their cash without ever
producing anything.

   I'm gathering all sorts of information, starting with my own
experience, on Feel free to read
more there.

   Why am I doing this? There is a term for my action, called
whistleblowing. I'd like to underline the fact that I'm by no means
affected by SigEx's past or current actions, I went there as an intern
for merely satisfying my own curiosity about them. But I know that
many of the subscribers of this list are scholars, professors, people
with strong positions in the branch, most of which can easily pass as
models for younger enthusiasts. They're the ones I'd like this mail to
reach. It'd be a real pity if more people suffered from SigEx's
dubious practices.

    Once again, here is the link to the blog:
    And, once again, sorry for the noise.

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