Desired behaviour of "ifconfig -alias"

Oliver Fromme olli at
Tue Feb 13 20:06:39 UTC 2007

sthaug at wrote:
 > > > In that situation, wouldn't deleting the primary IP 
 > > > cause connection issues for the rest of the IPs?
 > > 
 > > No.  I can delete _any_ of the above IP addresses, and the
 > > others would still work perfectly fine.  I already did
 > > things like that (on a different machine).
 > > 
 > > As for outgoing connections:  It is true that the kernel
 > > picks a random matching IP address to be the source IP,
 > > which happens to be the first one, but that's just as
 > > coincidence as "-alias" picking the first one if none
 > > is given.  ;-)
 > If it is indeed true that the kernel picks a *random* IP address for
 > the source IP, I'd have to say that's not at all good enough.

Well, "random" was probably misleading, I'm sorry.
It should better be called "arbitrary", I think.

 > I'm all for being able to use the same netmask for several addresses
 > in the same subnet (I have asked for this before) - but the source IP
 > used by traffic generated from the host itself *must* be predictable.

It _is_ predictable, it is the first address currently
configured on the interface.  But doing so is (was) an
arbitrary decision.

Of course, if you remove the first address, it will simply
use the next one (which will then become the first one).

On the other hand, if you need to guarantee that a
certain address is used as source IP for outgoing
connections, then you should explicitly bind the
socket to that address.  Many programs have an option
to do that, or -- if they don't -- it's usually not too
difficult to insert a bind(2) call into the source
yourself.  Another way to do it is to run the program
inside a jail; you don't even have to set up a chroot
if you don't want to:
# jail / `hostname` $IP /path/to/program

I would advise against relying on the current behaviour
that the kernel always picks the first address as the
source address for a subnet for unbound sockets.

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