What is a good choice of sata-ii raid controller for freebsd?

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at optushome.com.au
Mon Feb 12 08:37:52 UTC 2007

On 2007-Feb-12 16:07:03 +1030, Daniel O'Connor <doconnor at gsoft.com.au> wrote:
>I regularly ship systems overseas where the power fails frequently. The 
>inability to boot because one disk got hosed is Bad News (tm).

A decent UPS can help here.

>It depends on your exact situation, I was just pointing out that SW RAID 
>doesn't cover all the bases HW RAID does.

If the disk is dead then the BIOS will skip it and the system should
boot normally (I've tested this by pulling a disk since I didn't have
a suitable dead disk to hand).  A hard error in the 2nd stage boot
loader, ficl or the kernel is definitely the worst case - I agree that
this is very difficult for software raid to recover from.

Note that even with hardware raid, there are still lots of failure
points.  The least reliable parts of a current computer are the CPU
and PSU fans, not the disks.

Peter Jeremy
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