pppd crashes, was: kde-freebsd

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Sat Feb 10 02:06:47 UTC 2007

On Friday, 9. February 2007 22:48, John Walthall wrote:

> Because of known problems with 
> PPPD, KPPP should provide at least the option of using user land PPP.
> You may of course differ from this view. However, unless a large outcry
> arises, I will not close the bug. I think that it is, in-fact a bug.
> Bugs are sometimes a bit subjective. The KPPP Developers can always
> ignore me.

No, bugs are not 'a bit subjective'. With just a little actual analysis and 
straight thinking it is very easy to determine what is a bug and where the 
bug is.

The fact that KPPP does not support ppp(8) is not a bug, it is a missing 
feature. If you want to request a feature, you open a wish, not a bug, you 
word it nicely and preferably attach some code that implements that feature, 
because this is how community-driven open source development works. Did it 
ever cross your mind that the KPPP developer(s) might not even use FreeBSD?

The fact that machines panic or freeze when KPPP is used is not a bug in KPPP 
either, because KPPP is nothing but a front-end to the software that causes 
the problem. By principle, a kernel panic or freeze is never an application's 
fault, because the kernel should never panic and never freeze, no matter what 
an application does. Therefore, the bug report needs to go into FreeBSD's 
bugtracker (someone else already filed one, see my previous mails for the 
URL), not KDE's.

All that your "bug report" accomplishes is broadcasting your bad and 
uninformed attitude to an even bigger audience. It is in your own and the 
FreeBSD community's best interest to backtrack before anyone gets to form a 
negative opinion on both.

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