IPv6 over gif(4) broken in 6.2-RELEASE?

Bruce A. Mah bmah at freebsd.org
Fri Feb 9 01:49:46 UTC 2007

If memory serves me right, Dimitry Andric wrote:
> Bruce A. Mah wrote:

> I mean that it may be that between -RELEASE and -STABLE, other things
> have changed, e.g. network rc scripts, /sbin/route itself, etc, which
> may also influence this behaviour.  I'm sure more than only nd6.c
> changed. :)

The testing I did doesn't require any of that stuff, only a kernel, a
shell, and ifconfig(8).  I'm not aware of anything relevant.  (As one of
the RE types, I do follow commit mails pretty closely, especially during
and just after a release cycle.)

> However, for me, with the whole system at -STABLE (as of Jan 11), I
> verified the following results again just now:
> nd6.c rev	state
> ---------	-----
>	works
>	works
>	works
>	works
>	doesn't work

I've convinced myself that this problem needs to be tested in isolation
(i.e. you have complete control over both ends of the tunnel) because
incoming packets over the tunnel cause the host route to get added
automatically if it wasn't there already.

After reading the code and discussing this with a couple folks, I've
managed to convince myself that and (and their
analogues on HEAD) need to go away.  I've committed diffs that back
these out, and they solve the problem for me in my testing (which I've
done with two VMs in isolation).  The applicable revisions for nd6.c are
1.74 (HEAD) and (RELENG_6).  Updating up to (or beyond) these
revisions should clear up the problem.

Testing reports from people who were having problems would be appreciated.


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