pppd crashes, was: kde-freebsd

John Walthall johnzw at isp.com
Thu Feb 8 22:41:08 UTC 2007

Ok, now an editorial:

	Kernel PPP is certified crap and should be phased out.

In my personal opinion the reason that it is unmaintained and slowly
dissolving into a nonfunctional pool of electrolytes, is that it is
functionally obsolete. User PPP provides better service, and several
tangible design benefits. User PPP is very easy to use, Kernel PPP is not.

I have had nothing but serious problems with Kernel PPP, In my
experience whenever Kernel PPP crashes, which it does pretty much at
random, and always when the network drops (a common happening for those
of us blighted by Dial up.) It causes the whole system to lock up.

FreeBSD is NOT Linux, and SHOULD NOT attempt to model it. FreeBSD is BSD
UNIX! Isn't that the WHOLE POINT (pardon my shouting) for our existence?
Isn't this why you and me bear with minor points such as this one.
BECAUSE WE ARE DIFFERENT AND PROUD OF IT! If you just start modeling
Linux, we are invalidating our own existence and vindicating Linux's
innumerable disparities, nay flaws.

We have a fundamental design difference from Linux here. We chose this
difference because we believed that it was better. Why would we go back
now because the developers of a third-party interface to our systems did
a clumsy job? Rather than weep in anguish at their implementation of a
known faulty and legacy system. We should adjure them to implement the
new and better system. This is not actually an appropriate place for
this discussion. It should be directed to porten at kde.org and/or
http://bugs.kde.org. Because it is a KDE problem and *not* a FreeBSD
Problem. (I have already submitted it to the KDE Bugzilla)

These are of course my own opinions.

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