Apache stopped working after upgrade to 6.2-stable

Marko Lerota mlerota at iskon.hr
Wed Feb 7 15:44:57 UTC 2007

Chris Byrnes <chris at JEAH.net> writes:

> Of course there had to be something. ;)
> Apache won't start.  I cannot figure out why.  No one I've asked can
> seem to figure out, either.  So I turn to you and cross my fingers
> that this is something others have experienced.
> Configtest says it's fine.  apachectl start says it starts.  But it
> actually doesn't.  Nothing in /var/log/messages, nothing in
> /var/log/httpd-error.log - and nothing in
> /usr/local/etc/apache/logs/error_log.
> I've deinstalled and reinstalled - same problem.

Check out the /etc/hosts file. Maybe your upgrade installed
the default hosts file so you dont have any more entry that 
apache used to figure server's fully qualified domain name. 

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