Linux Binary Compitability

LI Xin delphij at
Sat Feb 3 16:38:05 UTC 2007

Thomas Roberts wrote:
> How important is it to include Linux binary
> compatibility when installing 6.2-RELEASE?  I am
> guessing it is only needed if I want to use an
> application that was compiled by/for Linux, but I am
> new to FreeBSD so I will be using it mostly for:
> 1 - learning the system (i.e. what goes where, when
> and why) and how to configure whatever can be
> configured.
> 2 - running GNUstep and related development
> applications to compliment  my Obj-C/Cocoa
> development.
> 3 - running GNOME and/or KDE since GNUstep has a
> limited number of applications available, most
> notably, a web browser.
> 4 - learning to create and use shell scripts to
> customize my environment.
> The only applications I will be using are the ones in
> the ports collection that I can use portmanager to
> create and update.

Your assumption is correct.  Linux binary compatibility is only
necessary when you need to install some pre-compiled binaries from Linux
system, and this is usually a last resort if you don't get source code.
 Native versions, if available, are usually better.

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