A little story of failed raid5 (3ware 8000 series)

Darren Pilgrim phi at evilphi.com
Sun Aug 26 12:00:59 PDT 2007

Tom Judge wrote:
> Tom Samplonius wrote:
>> The real solution is RAID scrubbing:  a low level background process
>> that reads every sector of every disk.  All of the real RAID systems
>> do this (usually scheduled weekly, or every other week).  Most 3ware
>> RAID card don't have this feature.
>> So rather than not using RAID5 or RAID6 again, you should just not
>> use 3ware anymore.
> If you use the 3dm2 management interface you can schedule verify and
> rebuild tasks to run on a regular basis.  I think that 7500 series
> controllers can do this, 9500 and 9550's definitely can.

Actually it's all 7/8/9xxx series cards.  The 9xxx series cards also do 
auto-verify so there's no need to schedule the task.

Darren Pilgrim

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