A little story of failed raid5 (3ware 8000 series)

Clayton Milos clay at milos.co.za
Fri Aug 24 13:02:07 PDT 2007

> On August 24, 2007 02:31 am Clayton Milos wrote:
>> > On Tue, 21 Aug 2007 08:57:22 +0400
>> >
>> > "Artem Kuchin" <matrix at itlegion.ru> wrote:
>> >> Um.. it is because i did not have a map of hot swap baskets to
>> >> conroller ports and i needed to check every driver basket to
>> >> understand which port it sits on. I have no choise, i think.
>> >
>> > I'm just going to highlight the importance of knowing which
>> > physical disk is which on your system.
>> >
>> > About a year ago I had to replace a hot-swappable disk from an
>> > array, but then realised I had no idea which physical disk it
>> > was as the map of the disks was rather helpfully *inside* the
>> > case. Due to the physical setup, I had no way or removing the
>> > cover without first powering down the server - which defeated
>> > the whole point of paying extra for hot-swap disks.
>> >
>> > So yeah, be sure to label your disk bays, but be sure to put
>> > those labels somewhere *useful*.
>> >
>> > -fr.
>> Useful like on the front of the drive bays ;-)
>> The Areca cards have a nice function called drive identify that lights
>> up the selected drive's LED. I think the 3ware cards have it too.
> That's only useful if the drive LEDs are configured to correctly match the
> port.  :)  We've had custom built servers with 4 drive bays arrive with
> the LEDs either not connected, or connected to different ports on the
> RAID controller than the drives were on.  Very confusing until we started
> double-checking the connections when the servers arrived.

People that do that should be lynched!
It's that kind of poor workmanship that would make me never touch their gear 
Then again if I had to discover this when I replaced the wrong drive in a 
failed array I'd be doing the lynching myself!


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