A little story of failed raid5 (3ware 8000 series)

Artem Kuchin matrix at itlegion.ru
Tue Aug 21 02:35:20 PDT 2007

Darren Pilgrim wrote:
> Artem Kuchin wrote:
>> That exactly was i was talking about. I don't acess to individual
>> disks 
>> behind raid unit, so, i cannot doit. I don't know it controller
>> VERIFY command does it right. If it doesm then i shoudl put it into
>> a cron 
>> job and do it on weekly basis. Also, it would halpfull it i could
>> get access to number of left reserved sector for remapping. Any idea
>> about these two for 3ware controllers? Also, someone should mention,
>> that while using raid MUST 
>> do verifies often.
> The 3dm2 software (sysutils/3dm port) can dump the SMART data from
> individual disks.  It can also schedule verify and self-test tasks and
> identify individual drives by blinking the activity light for the
> drive. _______________________________________________

Problems are:
1) how to parse this dump of data?
2) No scheduling is available on 7000,8000 on 4 port models


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