Marvel Yukon using the sk driver

Robert Slawson robert.slawson at
Mon Aug 20 09:17:50 PDT 2007


I have a marvel yukon pci gigabit ethernet card. For some reason,  
after a period of time it will not transmit unless I make it transmit  
by pinging via the console. It is very annoying as I cannot ssh into  
the machine until I "wake up" the card by telling it to ping something.

I am using 6.2 stable and just yesterday rebuilt the kernel and world  
hoping this would fix the problem. But nothing seems to help.

I think the card needs to use the msk driver , which is installed,  
but the card keeps using the sk driver. Is there a way to have  
freebsd re identify the card correctly and use the proper driver?

Thanks in advance,

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