large RAID volume partition strategy

Thomas Hurst tom.hurst at
Sat Aug 18 01:09:14 PDT 2007

* Vivek Khera (vivek at wrote:

> I'll investigate this option.  Does anyone know the stability
> reliability of the mpt(4) driver on CURRENT?  Is it out of GIANT lock
> yet?  It was hard to tell from the TODO list if it is entirely free of
> GIANT or not.

Yes, mpt(4) was made MPSAFE in revision 1.41, about 3 months ago:

I've not seen any stability issues with mpt in either of our test
systems, running heavy MySQL load over >20 spindles and a couple of
controllers each.

> My only fear of this is that once this system is in production, that's
> pretty much it.  Maintenance windows are about 1 year apart, usually
> longer.

Best temper your fear with some thorough testing then.  If you are going
to use ZFS in such a situation, though, I might be strongly tempted to
use Solaris instead.

Why the long gaps between maintenance?

Thomas 'Freaky' Hurst

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