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Jeremy Chadwick koitsu at FreeBSD.org
Thu Aug 16 11:07:11 PDT 2007

On Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 07:28:24PM +0200, Reinhold wrote:
> Hi

Hello.  First off, you sent mail to the list twice.  I don't know why,
but you did.  Be patient.  :-)

> I am having some problems with apache22 on my box. What happens is, when
> I'm viewing loads and loads of pages, apache will stop responding untill I
> restart it again. This normally happens when the free memory shown by top
> gets to about +- 100MB.

I'm guessing that might be due to you using the ULE scheduler in your
kernel.  Try switching back to 4BSD and see if that fixes it.

> I'm also getting this error when I do a gracful restart of apache
> [Thu Aug 16 05:12:16 2007] [warn] (22)Invalid argument: Failed to enable
> the 'httpready' Accept Filter
> [Thu Aug 16 05:12:16 2007] [warn] (22)Invalid argument: Failed to enable
> the 'httpready' Accept Filter
> and in my /boot/loader.conf I have added
> accf_data_load="YES"
> accf_http_load="YES"

Remove those.  Here's why:

The apache rc.d startup script automatically will load accf_http.ko.
I also believe if that fails, Apache will try to load it.  From my
experiences kldload/kldunload with accf_* is not very friendly; I've
seen where you can double-load the modules, and where you can't unload
the modules despite nothing using them.  If you have them built-in to
your kernel, it gets even worse.

AFAIK, using accf_data.ko isn't recommended.  accf_http.ko on the other
hand is OK.  Try not loading accf_data.ko in addition to my above
recommendation (re: 4BSD scheduler).

> device pf
> device pflog
> device pfsync

Finally, make sure your pf rules aren't doing anything stupid.  If
ultimately you think it's a problem with pf rules, unload the pf
module and/or set pf_enable="no" in rc.conf and reboot.  If the problem
goes away after that, then you'll know.

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