6.2 w/ gjournal missing gjournal binary

Kevin Kramer kramer at centtech.com
Wed Aug 15 12:33:11 PDT 2007

I built a machine with 6.2 snapshot from April (May/June would not 
boot). I used the original src with the gjournal patch. I had to 
manually patch mount.h and vnode.h to complete the patch. everything 
built and installed fine and my gjournal seems to be working (gjournal 
loaded and gstats confirm I'm using the journal device). However I just 
noticed I have no gjournal binary to do my status. I copied a binary 
from a working 6.2S host running gjournal and the binary seg faults on 
this host. How can I build just the binary?



Kevin Kramer
Sr. Systems Administrator
Centaur Technology, Inc.

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