viapm - SMBus support for lmmon

Heiko Wundram (Beenic) wundram at
Thu Aug 9 02:27:22 PDT 2007

Hey all!

I've just set up boxes with FreeBSD 6.2 (currently not running stable yet, but 
will in a day or so), and as the motherboard is a VIA-based something (with a 
VIA C3 CPU), I thought that viapm should be the appropriate driver to enable 
smbus for lmmon and the like.

Anyway, the driver loads fine:

viapropm0: SMBus I/O base at 0x6000
viapropm0: SMBus I/O base at 0x6000
viapropm0: <VIA VT82C686A Power Management Unit> port 0x6000-0x600f at device 
7.4 on pci0
viapropm0: SMBus revision code 0x40
smbus0: <System Management Bus> on viapropm0
smb0: <SMBus generic I/O> on smbus0

(this is loaded after boot has completed, because I didn't yet have it in 
loader.conf, but I don't presume this has any impact on the usability of the 

/dev/smb0 is properly created, but when I then try to run lmmon, the output is 
the following:

goettingen01# lmmon
IOCTL: Device busy

I've looked through Google, trying to find some info, but I don't really see 
much that would help me set this up, that's why I'm mailing this list.


goettingen01# kldstat
Id Refs Address    Size     Name
 1   27 0xc0400000 70794c   kernel
 2    1 0xc0b08000 77c4     ng_ubt.ko
 3    6 0xc0b10000 c83c     netgraph.ko
 4    1 0xc0b1d000 59f20    acpi.ko
 5    4 0xc1fdd000 2000     ng_bluetooth.ko
 6    1 0xc1fdf000 c000     ng_hci.ko
 7    1 0xc200c000 e000     ng_l2cap.ko
 8    1 0xc201a000 17000    ng_btsocket.ko
 9    1 0xc2039000 4000     ng_socket.ko
10    1 0xc20a7000 16000    linux.ko
11    1 0xc2103000 4000     if_tap.ko
12    1 0xc212f000 2000     rain_saver.ko
13    1 0xc231a000 5000     viapm.ko
14    2 0xc231f000 2000     smbus.ko
15    1 0xc2321000 3000     iicbb.ko
16    1 0xc2324000 3000     iicbus.ko
17    1 0xc2333000 3000     smb.ko

Thanks for any hint!

Heiko Wundram
Product & Application Development

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