Bug in less version 406.

Xin LI delphij at delphij.net
Fri Aug 3 08:46:57 PDT 2007

Graham Menhennitt wrote:
> Ted Hatfield wrote:
>> Using less -E or more to display a file that is less than a full page,
>> while then displaying a nonexistent file causes a segmentation fault.
>> For example on a newly built system you can
>> less -E /etc/group bogusfile
>> This will display the file ending with
>> /etc/group (file 1 of 2) (END) - Next: bogusfile
>> when you press space or return it gives
>> Segmentation fault: 11
> I can reproduce it using "more" but not "less -E". This is on -Current
> as of a week or so ago. TERM=xterm.

I can reliably reproduce this with less -E on both -CURRENT and
-STABLE... :S  I need to do an operation on my eye this weekend so I
have to wait a couple of days until I can recover from this.


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