named.conf restored to hint zone for the root by default

Skip Ford skip at
Thu Aug 2 22:00:14 PDT 2007

Doug Barton wrote:
> Skip Ford wrote:
> > Just like I'd think everyone should sync with stratum-1 servers if
> > those operators supported everyone doing that.
> I've already pointed out that this is a silly analogy, as the two
> things have nothing in common. At the most basic level:
> Individual hosts don't need	Everyone needs the root data
> to sync with a strat 1 ntpd
> The strat 1 folks have asked	The roots are open to all by design
> people not to do that

It really is an apt analogy.  You don't see it because you believe
the "roots are open to all".  If they really were open to all,
there would've been no objections to your change.  The methods by
which the data made available by the roots is available to all is
well-defined, and AXFR isn't included in that definition.  In
fact, it's recommended against.


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