default dns config change causing major poolpah

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Thu Aug 2 06:27:44 UTC 2007

While I think FreeBSD generally should try to push the "state of
the art" envelope, it seems to me that this change may be premature,
in particular if the people providing the AXFR-service on which it
depends, are not prepared to officially offer the service.

So for this change to remain in FreeBSD, one of two things will
have to happen:

   A) At least three (A number found on my paint-bucket) root servers
      must sign up to provide the public AXFR for at least 3 (ditto)


   B) FreeBSD systems so configured, shall keep working flawlessly
      if the AXFR service becomes unavailable.

What should not under any circumstances happen:

   C) The unannounced service is terminated and all so configured
      FreeBSD systems wedge.

That said, I fully agree with the spirit of this change, I have
myself seen what positive difference it makes for servers in Denmark
to have a slave of the .dk zone, particular for busy mailservers.

I hope we can swing for solution A)


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