default dns config change causing major poolpah

Skip Ford skip at
Thu Aug 2 00:38:46 UTC 2007

Mark Andrews wrote:
> > I don't think that "all" of the drama could have been avoided in any
> > case, there is too much emotion surrounding this issue.
> 	I'll concur with Doug on this.  I've been discussing doing
> 	just this for the last 10+ years.

Why don't you update 2870 then to make it so?

If all the roots provided it and were required to, there's no
problem.  But current best practice as defined by 2870 are
for roots to only answer AXFRs from other roots.

How can you advocate an OS pushing a configuration that isn't
guaranteed to be functional?  I understand the odds of it
breaking, and I understand the benefits.  That's not the issue.

This is a configuration that should be guaranteed to work for 2
years after every OS release that includes it.


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