default dns config change causing major poolpah

Skip Ford skip at
Wed Aug 1 23:26:34 UTC 2007

Doug Barton wrote:
> Skip Ford wrote:
> > The reason I provided *is* purely technical.  The roots can decide 
> > tomorrow to block AXFR requests from FreeBSD users who install 
> > 6.3-RELEASE or 7.0-RELEASE.  They may.  They may not.  But they 
> > can. 
> Here is where the problem lies. What you're saying here is simply not
> true.  I know several of the root operators personally, and in my
> previous position as GM of IANA I worked with them directly both
> individually and collectively. Everything involving a change to a root
> server is done at a near-glacial pace. There no more danger that we
> will wake up tomorrow unable to AXFR the root from any server than
> there is that we'll wake up tomorrow not able to send resolver queries
> to any root server. To say that this IS possible is FUD.

So, it seems simple enough then if what you're saying is true.
Have your friends running the roots state that they will support
our AXFRs.  I will have no objections once they do that.

It's a randomly provided service already.  Not all of them
answer AXFR now, so how many of them will 2 years from now is
a legitimate question, and is my only concern.


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