default dns config change causing major poolpah

Doug Barton dougb at
Wed Aug 1 22:56:22 UTC 2007

Jo Rhett wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 01:32:42PM -0700, Doug Barton wrote:
>>> This is about on par with <unnamed network equipment
>>> manufacturer> selling SOHO routers that synchronize their
>>> clocks using stratum-1 NTP servers.
>> I don't really think that analogy holds up, given that those who
>> run public stratum-1 NTP servers specifically request that
>> individual hosts not sync from them.
> The analogy is more true than you believe.  Someone told you on
> this very same list that it was not allowed,

If you're talking about "Volker" I have already explained at great
length why he was flat out wrong on just about every particular.
Anyone interested can read the archives around 7/17.

> and you argued that it wasn't denied therefore it should be okay.
> You're doing an excellent job of ignoring contrary opinions and
> reinventing facts.

Actually I have not ignored contrary opinions, I've stated explicitly
that there are contrary opinions. Anyone interested is free to read
the archives of the dns-operations list where I think both sides of
the argument are presented pretty well.

But there is a difference between "yes, there are contrary opinions
that I don't agree with based on my actual experience with the topic"
and "If anyone disagrees with something, it must be wrong."

I would like to suggest that if you are actually interested in a
debate about the _merits_ of the change that you look at my post
then read the paper by David Malone that is mentioned in that article,
then read the rest of the thread on that list. If you don't have at
least that much background on the topic we're just wasting time here.

> And the very same root operators are on dns-operations list telling
> you not to do this, and you are ignoring them there too.

Three root operators (two of whom are in named.conf right now) have
spoken up on that list. Of the two that actually offer AXFR, one has
said paraphrasing "I hate this idea, but I won't disable AXFR because
of it." One has said, "please remove "B" from your list/distribution
until you have received permission from the FreeBSD community that
this change is what they want." Since that condition is so incredibly
arbitrary as to be essentially meaningless, I am going to remove that

>> If there is a consensus based on solid technical reasons (not
>> emotion or FUD) to back the root zone slaving change out, I'll be
>> glad to do so. I think it would be very useful at this point if
>> those who _like_ the change would speak up publicly as well.
> Everyone has spoken up, and you've ignored every one of them.

Are you ignoring the people who've spoken up saying that they like the
change, and that they think it's a good idea?



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