SATA 300 Drive Being Run At 150

Eduardo Meyer dudu.meyer at
Wed Aug 1 14:17:00 PDT 2007

> > 4) Is your motherboard set to use AHCI for the SATA (ICH7) controller?
> > There's reports that SATA300 is only available/used on some controllers
> > when AHCI is used.
> I dont know. I could not find such a similar option on BIOS, so I dont
> know how to check it. Is it possible to be checked from system?

Just to let everyone know, for me this "AHCI" thing made the whole
difference. On BIOS there were some options to be combined with AHCI,
and doing the right combination made the disk get controlled as

Thank you veryone, specially Jeremy Chadwick for the valuable inputs.

Eduardo Meyer
pessoal: dudu.meyer at
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