FreeBSD 6.2-BETA1 Available

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Wed Sep 20 09:13:01 PDT 2006

The first Beta build for the FreeBSD-6.2 Release Cycle is now available
on most of the FTP mirror sites.  If the release cycle goes as planned
it is the first of two BETAs, which will be followed by two Release
Candidates (RCs) and then the final release.  If events warrant as the
release cycle progresses we'll adjust the plans so there might be more
test builds than we are currently planning for.

For those of you who would like to test by updating existing machines
instead of using the BETA1 installation media you can update your source
tree to a fresh copy of RELENG_6 using the normal update procedures.  If
you do that and then report problems please include the date you did
your update.  Machines updated this way will say they are
"6.2-PRERELEASE", not "6.2-BETA1" as machines installed from the BETA1
install media will.

If you do notice problems please follow the normal Problem Report
procedures for submitting a PR.  Questions or problems can also be
posted to this list.

The current plan for the 6.2 Release Cycle is available at:

A few things to note about BETA1:

	- Be aware that FreeBSD-SA-06:21.gzip was released after
	  the -BETA1 builds started, and the gunzip(1) binaries
	  included are consequently vulnerable to the attacks
	  described in that advisory."

	- The install media provided for this BETA do not include
	  any packages (much like the monthly snapshot builds).
	  Packages will probably not be provided on the install
	  media until we reach the RC phase.

	- The sparc64 build got started before an important bugfix
	  was applied to auditctl(2) so testing Audit related things
	  will be difficult or impossible on sparc64 BETA1 but the
	  other available platforms should be fine in this regard.

	- No BETA1 for the ia64 platform will be available.

	- The build for Alpha is still in progress and will be
	  available shortly.

	- FreeBSD Update, a binary security update tool, was
	  recently imported into the FreeBSD base system, and the
	  FreeBSD Security Team is building binary security updates
	  for the i386 platform.  Users are encouraged to test this.

We appreciate having the help of people with the resources to do so
testing the BETAs and RCs to help us work out any big problems and
improving on the quality of the release.  Thanks in advance for any help
you can provide making 6.2-RELEASE better.

MD5s and SHA256s for the currently available ISOs:

MD5 (6.2-BETA1-amd64-bootonly.iso) = a07cd0b12307cd721ea9daff7ba404c5
MD5 (6.2-BETA1-amd64-disc1.iso) = 9d898986cd07eecb3644d57b176243e9
MD5 (6.2-BETA1-amd64-disc2.iso) = 9d61ec6db071136b314af5535adfbba8

MD5 (6.2-BETA1-i386-bootonly.iso) = d9990759aa93656cbdd88ce5ed1ca73c
MD5 (6.2-BETA1-i386-disc1.iso) = 0c552682db4bb8ebee48e25cc9719b7b
MD5 (6.2-BETA1-i386-disc2.iso) = d558e2d7adb87f53356cbac91528709c

MD5 (6.2-BETA1-pc98-bootonly.iso) = 0995f732cad625a6a0ef0d2609748c5d
MD5 (6.2-BETA1-pc98-disc1.iso) = c13370482f684b785623760f699b8f62

MD5 (6.2-BETA1-sparc64-bootonly.iso) = 9315d11c34536db9d3436a75808f0207
MD5 (6.2-BETA1-sparc64-disc1.iso) = a8d90d69f992b52ad8eb6522d884b762
MD5 (6.2-BETA1-sparc64-disc2.iso) = 00d5a1eb48b7d8c81c67fbe7fa1d3cae

SHA256 (6.2-BETA1-amd64-bootonly.iso) = bcce493d5ec1ac2a14f5b48b1359cd5c23c788a03eb17f9fbae1ddf933c418c5
SHA256 (6.2-BETA1-amd64-disc1.iso) = 56228983493d17d3a884bc639d073ccc6a4f4c9c75d97a57a22cde0cf51a0522
SHA256 (6.2-BETA1-amd64-disc2.iso) = c4a49db888c3b13ac47309e58e7389bc3e5a0d66008ec4fb40cd71b95c75fc55

SHA256 (6.2-BETA1-i386-bootonly.iso) = 8d8fb9feb5c90385c8d515588e7391666cbb62c94334a5524a4083ba840992f3
SHA256 (6.2-BETA1-i386-disc1.iso) = 99939323b4b4e6578721fbd8730c5fe5d72b2e3158a81f7a76aeabe05ab18354
SHA256 (6.2-BETA1-i386-disc2.iso) = 8d09e145ffc9c642cafe647e7472a7d1b002189a0d2cb3691e1702f9ff5ca08d

SHA256 (6.2-BETA1-pc98-bootonly.iso) = 33ce93427b9f0dc3b672b5e5ad15f3bd1863b5153f9aa853334bdb181eb50148
SHA256 (6.2-BETA1-pc98-disc1.iso) = 37447e2e9a3d59c1e263ca8c177b918b7272cbf2cefc935faecac3c15c32a6eb

SHA256 (6.2-BETA1-sparc64-bootonly.iso) = b424d0025b0017cb8e9d017509718858f592d75945c5b456f2dc2efdf32a61d7
SHA256 (6.2-BETA1-sparc64-disc1.iso) = 895fe16cb6afdbce4e0e1f653aae007a55c39d55443e79dde879e993c6c8b78c
SHA256 (6.2-BETA1-sparc64-disc2.iso) = 4b9e46e180403c5bd5dc4c26ca4ed2ed955bd660ed65f4481c867c6f9541e2a9

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