Best practices for remote upgrade?

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Wed May 17 06:00:39 UTC 2006

Quoting Daniel Gerzo <danger at>:

> Hi Scott,
> Monday, May 8, 2006, 2:29:23 PM, you contributed this to our 
> collective wisdom:
>> Hello,
>>         I have some 4.x servers that I would like to upgrade to 5.x, and
>> perhaps 6.x.  However, I do not have any local access to these
>> machines.  I can ssh into them only.  I would like to know whether it
>> is possible for me to upgrade the machines with only ssh access, and
>> what one should do to go about upgrading them.
> Yeah, it's possible (and risky), however you will not get, for example,
> an advantages of UFS2 and so forth, because you can't upgrade from UFS
> to UFS2 without rebuilding FS.

How can one convert their UFS to UFS2 (with, or without SSH)? Is it possible?
Or must one delete their current slices and create new (UFS2) slices?

Thanks you for all your time and consideration.

--Chris H.

> The problem is that it's not possible to upgrade directly to 6.0/1.
> You will have to go through process of upgrading to 5.3 first. But
> I would recommend you to make a backups of your configuration and ask
> someone who has a physical access to your servers to reinstall them
> for you.
> --
> Sincerely,
>  Daniel Gerzo
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Shameless self-promotion follows...
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