X.org 6.9 doesn't work with NVidia 7800 GTX (fwd)

Mike O'Brien mikeobrien at spamcop.net
Fri Jan 27 18:59:26 PST 2006

	I did get X.org running on 6-STABLE.  As you have mentioned,
starting X via "X -probeonly" with an Asus SLI motherboard and an
NVidia 7800 GTX video card fails multiply; the internal configuration
tries and fails to load module "fbdev", meanwhile, the probe of the
card dials the contrast of the syscons consoles down to near-zero levels.

	However, running "Xorg -configure" succeeds where the other
fails.  All modules are loaded, an x.conf file is written and the
contrast is not blown.  On my system, the monitor is able to support
the highest resolution specified in the configuration file, though the
text is unreadably small.

	Therefore, modulo tuning of the acceptable modes, X is now
working on this configuration.  Thanks for all your help!

Mike O'Brien

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