does growfs actually work on -stable?

John Nielsen lists at
Fri Dec 29 10:22:46 PST 2006

On Friday 29 December 2006 02:39, John Pettitt wrote:
> I tried to grow a 600GB filesystem to 1TB and growfs barfed complaining
> about a negative block number - this was a raid array (highpoint) that
> looks like one drive (da0) to the system.  Does growfs actually work -
> google searches were not much help ...

I used it successfully a couple months ago (6.1-STABLE most likely). IIRC, you 
need to resize the slice (fdisk) and the partition (bsdlabel) yourself before 
calling growfs. I think this was just on a standalone IDE disk. I don't 
recall the size details.



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