FreeBSD 6.2-RC2 Available - networking zoneli freeze problem still exist.

Thomas Herrlin junics-fbsdstable at
Thu Dec 28 07:27:48 PST 2006

Ken Smith wrote:

> All problems we felt needed to be addressed before 6.2 could be released
> have been taken care of.  
It still runs networking daemons into a frozen zoneli state on
heavy/(D)DOS network loads. Such processes cant be kill-9ed so there is
no way to recover from it. (think frozen sshd and a very remote/headless
See the stress test panic called 'Ran out of "128 Bucket"
<>' on the 6.2
todo list and my own latest test here:
This test was on a new 6.2-RC2 install with no zone limit tweaks nor any
sbsize limits in /etc/login.conf.
I just made a vm disk image with replication instructions, however Peter
Holm have replicated it with his own tools so i have not bothered with
it until now.

> Unless further testing turns up something new
> RC2, which is available now for dowloading, will be the last of the
> Release Candidates and 6.2-RELEASE should be ready in about 2 weeks.
> Your continued help with testing would be greatly appreciated.  If you
> notice any problems with RC2 you can submit a PR or send mail to this
> list.

/Thomas Herrlin

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