FreeBSD 6.2-RC2 Available

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Thu Dec 28 06:16:58 PST 2006

On Thu, 2006-12-28 at 01:26 -0800, Eric P. Scott wrote:
> (BTW, what's this "docs" ISO?  That wasn't around in previous
> releases...)

For recent releases where recent is older than 6.1 there was a docs/
directory on disc2 that had all the documentation in a readable format
for all the supported languages.  For 6.1 we needed to trim that down to
just English because the set of packages we considered critical plus the
docs/ directory overflowed disc2.  For 6.2 we moved the docs/ directory
to its own ISO and went back to having all supported languages because,
yet again, KDE and GNOME had ... umm ... grown.  :-)

We'll work on making this a bit easier to find but in a nutshell:

	- bootonly ISO contains the bare minimum needed to do an
	  install, you will wind up getting "errors" if you for
	  example have sysinstall try to load *any* packages off
	  the CD, etc.  It's basically geared up for booting off
	  the local CD to get sysinstall started but then getting
	  extra packages and whatnot through the network.

	- disc1 ISO contains what you need to make it through a
	  normal install with no errors as long as you don't select
	  any "extra" packages when you get to the point sysinstall
	  asks if you want to browse through some pre-build packages
	  (i.e. it contains the Xorg packages, perl, the Linux
	  emulation but almost no other packages).  It can also
	  support going into Rescue mode with a "live FS".

	- disc2 contains the bulk of the extra pre-build packages
	  available if you're going to do a CD-only install.  As
	  time has gone on we've needed to eject more and more
	  packages from this disc because the KDE/GNOME meta-packages
	  keep growing.

	- docs contains the documentation in a human-readable
	  format (as opposed to the broken up tarball format that's
	  on disc1 and gets used if you tell sysinstall to install
	  the documentation).

So...  Most people would be interested in disc1 and disc2.

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