FreeBSD 6.2-RC2 Available

Eric P. Scott eps+pqry0612 at
Thu Dec 28 01:34:20 PST 2006

Would someone please please please publicly document what all the
various 6.x ISO images are, which of them are (or might be)
needed for a fresh installation (assuming poor or nonexistent
network connectivity), and which have overlapping bits.  If this
is actually explained anywhere that's supposed to be obvious, I
have yet to find it.

For anyone who's new to FreeBSD, it's challenging enough to try
to figure out where to start.  For someone who's been part of
the FreeBSD community for a number of years, it's even more
confusing, since there have been some fairly radical changes.
(BTW, what's this "docs" ISO?  That wasn't around in previous

Also, as 64-bit CPUs become more commonplace, "which discs do I
need" probably requires a more in-depth explanation.


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