panic: bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_sg still there

Andrea Campi andrea+freebsd_stable at
Wed Dec 27 11:34:18 PST 2006


this panic has been reported a few times in the past, both by me and
other people; I just updated my Soekris box to 6.2-RC2 and it's still

panic: bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_sg: no mbuf packet header!
KDB: stack backtrace:
panic(c06128c3,c060f93c,c055b9af,c0db804e,c0db803e,...) at panic+0xef
bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_sg(c0d18e00,0,c0db8000,c0d627d8,c0d627b8,1) at bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_sg+0x4ec
ath_start(c0d55000,35000,36,0,c1000000,...) at ath_start+0x26f
ether_output_frame(c0d55000,c0fee600,c1000006,0,1,...) at ether_output_frame+0x226
ether_output(c0d55000,c0fee600,c56f6bb0,c0feb840) at ether_output+0x2de
ip_output(c0fee600,0,c56f6bac,1,0,0) at ip_output+0xaad
ip_forward(c0cf9648,c56f6c78,c04e14dd,c066ca40,1,...) at ip_forward+0x120
ip_input(c0fee600,18,c0673378,c56f6cec,c0541fd7,...) at ip_input+0x8d5
netisr_processqueue(c0d12240,c0cef400,0,c56f6d0c,c04bd93b,...) at netisr_processqueue+0x13
swi_net(0,c0cef438,c0cfaa80,c04bd740,c0cf9648,...) at swi_net+0x97
ithread_loop(c0ce8750,c56f6d38,c0ce8750,c04bd740,0,...) at ithread_loop+0x1fb
fork_exit(c04bd740,c0ce8750,c56f6d38) at fork_exit+0x83
fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0x8
--- trap 0x1, eip = 0, esp = 0xc56f6d6c, ebp = 0 ---
KDB: enter: panic
[thread pid 13 tid 100003 ]
Stopped at      kdb_enter+0x2c: leal    0(%esi),%esi

It has been suggested that it may be pf-related, but I don't have a
clue on how to go about digging more info out.
Any idea?


If it's there, and you can see it, it's real. If it's not there, and you can see it, it's virtual. If it's there, and you can't see it, it's transparent. If it's not there, and you can't see it, you erased it.

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